ABATE of Michigan Region 20

DECEMBER 2008 News Letter


Hello Region 20 members,

Let’s get started with a recap from December’s meetings.  Genesee had 50 members including 1 new member:  Jessica Bruce.  Shiawassee had 40 attendees including 3 new members: 2 new members: Mary (Papa T’s wife) and Ellen Langworthy; 2 guests: Lawrence Morrow and Jerod Michael  on to the Awareness Report…..


The Awareness Team has taught in 09 nearly 25% more students they did last year..and there is still December  left with 3 classes scheduled.  The Awareness team has done a great job.  Please join us in congratulating the Awareness Team for an outstanding year at attempting to teach the young drivers in the area to “LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE”.  Mike would like to encourage any member who has contacts with any driver’s education classes….to give him contact names.  The team is continuously seeking out additional schools that are interested in having the group speak to the young drivers on “how to keep our friends and family safe” as we travel on the area roads.  Many thanks to Jessica Bruce who was able to get classes scheduled at her high school Carmen Ainsworth.  For a young adult to take it upon herself to promote Motorcycle Awareness is awesome.  And for her effort Randy, Mike along with the members of Region 20 are proud as heck to announce that Jessica Bruce is the member of the month for Genesee.

Unfortunately there is no “new news” on the “Ride with a Choice” legislative bill.  Any recent updates you will find in the State LO’s section in the front of this mag.  I wish I had better news. Don’t forget to call/contact your local representatives and encourage them to support our effort t to ride free. On to the Products Report..

The Product/Cares and Concerns Officers are doing a great job.  They have some awesome items that have been purchased and will be available soon at your area meetings.  Make sure you acknowledge them for their effort.  Plans are also being made for 2009. Several birthdays and anniversaries were mentioned at the Genesee and Shiawassee meetings, too numerous to mention. … So HAPPY BIRTHDAY/ANNIVERSARY to all.  On to the RC Report..

The State Seminar is right around the corner.  The dates are January 9, 10 and 11th. If you haven’t made reservations, please do.  Even if they are none available, come to the State Seminar.  And if you are interested in staying, generally there are cancellations. The Christmas Party was a huge success.  The family event was a highlight of the 2008.  SNearly 80 adults and 25 children attended the event.  Seeing the kids react to Santa was priceless.  Many thanks to all who helped.  Special thanks to Bruce (Kimberly’s Pub),  his wait staff and of course Santa and Mrs. Clause: John and Ellen Langworthy.  At this time Randy would like to thank all of the officers and members who helped make this a successful year for Region 20.  Thanks for all of the hard work of every member and guest who showed up to the events and gave a helping hand.  Your efforts are acknowledged.  With the returning 2008 officers, we look forward to a bright year.

Unfortunatlely 2008 has ended on a sad note for many of the Region 20 members with the passing of Hippe and Denise’s daughter, Nicole Sharp.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  May you and your family find strength in our prayer’s.


Well it’s just about time to say goodbye…As always, if you haven’t attended a meeting lately, please do..we host two meetings a month; one in Genesee the 1st Tuesday of the month at Kimberly’s Pub and one the Sunday following the 1st Tuesday of the month in Shiawassee at the Hickory Lounge.  If you can’t do to personal obligations, we understand..we know you are here in spirit….

God Bless,

See you next year