ABATE of Michigan Region 20

FEBRUARY 2009 News Letter


Hello Region 20 members.  Let’s get started with the news.  At February’s meeting (G) had 45 members, including (1) guest- Chris Calloway.. (S) had 40 members and 2 guests: Lawerance Morrow and Johnathan Blassinghame.  On to the Awareness Report.

The Awareness Team is off to a great start.  They have had several classes in January and early February.  The Awareness Team is continually looking for additional sites to host a class. If you have contacts with local schools or driving education programs, please let Mike know.  The Awareness Team is busy planning the Awareness Party (4-11-09) and the Awareness Ride (4-25-09).  Tickets are available for the party. The Awareness Ride is free.  Contact any Region 20  member for tickets.  They will point you in the right direction.  Check out the flyers for the events, posted in this issue of the Michigan Rider.  On to the Legislative Report.

The Legislative Officers and Region 20 members are busy contacting their newly appointed House and Senate Rep’s. Our goal is to meet the newly elected  Rep’s and reconnect with others.  This year could be monumental in our ability to “ride free”.  Do your part and call them.  Encourage them to vote “yes”.  Legislative Days for early 2009 are scheduled as follows: March 11th, April 15th and May 13th . If you are interested in attending contact your area Legislative Officer’s. (G) Chuck Beals (S) Mark “the bus” Berger.  Mark your calendars for June 3rd our Annual Freedom Rally in Lansing. On to the Products Report.

Steve and Roz (G), Cupcake and Marty (S) have been receiving their special ordered items.  Nearly all past orders have been received. If you have made a request, contact them.  Spring merchandise will be available soon.  Come to a local meeting and check out our new items. On to the Regional Coordinator report.

Randy would like to thank everyone who helped at the State Seminar.  Special thanks to Robin “Bubbles” Goyette for the fixin’s.  Breakfast was awesome. Of special note is Lorenda Edwards who made a quilt that was a raffle item.  Hopefully you had a chance to see it, she did an awesome job.  Of course, our “50/50” girl out did herself again, working 3rd shift the night before and selling raffle tickets on Saturday until 11pm. Thanks for giving a shit and going above and beyond. Region 20 would like to announce that our Member of the Month for (G) was Margaret  Covert“50/50”and (S) Lorenda Edwards.  Thanks for continuing to go above and beyond.. A great time was had by all.  Nearly 50 members attended the Annual Seminar.  What a party!!!  Bikin for Burns is right around the corner.  May 2009 will be here before you know it.  The committee members will begin meeting in mid February.  At this moment, we have not decided on the specifics for Bikin for Burns 2009.  I will keep you posted as details become available.  Region 20 will be providing security for the “Tri-Cities” Swap Meet on 4-19-09, call Randy if you’re interested in signing up  to help.  With the upcoming events in the near future this will be a busy spring.

Randy would also like to thank Rob Clark who served a Sgt of Arms in Shiawassee for Too Tall, while he was unable to do so.  Too Tall is back as Sgt. Of Arms for Shiawassee.  Thank you Rob for stepping up, Region 20 appreciates your efforts.  Welcome back Too Tall.

Abate of Michigan will be selling raffle tickets this year for a 2009 Harley Davidson Electric Glide.  Tickets are $10.00 each.  Mailers will also be sent out to homes of Abate members.  This is a great chance to buy a ticket, especially if you are unable to attend a local meeting. Mac McCraken and Holly will be in charge of selling the tickets that are sold at the region level.  If you need tickets, see Mac and Holly.  They also have Oil City tickets and will be having them available at local meeting this spring.

Well it’s time to close…As always, if you haven’t attended a meeting lately, please do..we host two meetings a month; one in Genesee the 1st Tuesday of the month at Kimberly’s Pub and one the Sunday following the 1st Tuesday of the month in Shiawassee at the Hickory Lounge.  If you can’t do to personal obligations, we understand..we know you are here in spirit…. Check out our website at: http://www.abatemichregion20.com

Be Safe,