ABATE of Michigan Region 20

October 2009 News Letter



Hello Region 20 members, family and friends.  Special thanks to all of the new members and guests that have attended our local meetings.  Unfortunately due to the deadline of the newsletter I am unable to report any details from October’s meeting at Shiawassee.  New members who attended Genesee’s meeting were Steve Daly.  Guests were Will Stephens.  Correction from Septembers meeting new members for (G) was Deanna Gould and Jonathan Krupp, also known as the newly “hitched” couple Mr. and Mrs. Krupp.  Sorry for the confusion and “congrats” to both and Tony Rhodes…. on to the news.

The Awareness Team is “kicking” some booty.  They are on a record pace and will far exceed last year’s number of student taught.    If you are interested in helping the team out as an assistant or instructor please see Mike “Director” of the Awareness Team.  They could use your help.  The team has several new schools added and would welcome your assistance.  On a side note..guess what!!!  Mike is running for the State Board.  That is AWESOME!! Vote for Mike!!!On to the Legislative Officer report……………

Please use your political avenues if you happen to get a helmet ticket.  Free advice is available from our legal committee.  As I mentioned in previous editions, if you are interested in stepping into the (G) legislative officer position see Chuck.  He will be more than happy to explain the requirement of the position and assist you with succeeding.  In addition, you will partner in crime is (S) LO Mark “the BUS” Berger.  Together you can make a difference.  Both are a great resource.  If you would like to be updated regarding the legislative functions/objectives of ABATE, please visit our State LO section in the front of this magazine or attend a local meeting for the most up to date information. On to the Care and Concerns section….

The products team have several new items that can be purchased at both the Genesee and Shiawassee meetings.  Orders can be placed for gifts.  Don’t forget our products table for Christmas..It makes shopping easier.  Buy early….happy anniversary and birthday to all….. on to the Chief Road Captain’s Report…

TC would like to thank everyone who supported him in the position of Chief Road Captain.  TC announced that he will be stepping down as Chief Road Captain.  TC has done a great job organizing the various routes and rides.  He has served the position above expectations and should not feel any guilt in his decision.  This will give an individual the opportunity to step up and fill the position.  TC will work with the individual chosen a Chief Road Captain to assist his successor.  As TC said “I am not going anywhere”.  That is the greatest gift….having a mentor…TC thanks for giving a shit and sharing your leadership skills.  You will be missed in the position.  However, you have led by example and done it well. ..On to the RC report….

The End of the Summer Party was a success.  Fun was had by all.  Dennis Mitchell spun the tunes.  Thank you  to Dennis, for spinning the tunes and Mac/Holly for donating the PIG, and cooking the corn..it was delicious.  Hopefully you were able to attend the 4th Annual RAVE Run in Shiawassee.  This was a great event that raised monies for a worthwhile cause.  Fun was had by all.  What can we say but the Fall Color Tour was less than desirable.  The weather sucked.  Of the few that attended, many thanks.  Hopefully we will be more fortunate next year.  If you haven’t got you State Seminar reservations yet..,,,you need to…. asap.  Rooms fill up fast.  Dates are January 8, 9 and10th. Sign-up sheets are available for our Annual Christmas Party to be held 12-6-09.  Check out the flyer in this mag. You need to RSVP, as well as let Santa know the name, age and gender of the children attending.  This will guarantee that Santa is prepared.  Don’t forget that November is nominations for officer month with voting to be held in December.  Robin our Treasurer is not running.  She has done a great job and wants to take a break.  Robin promises to be available for Bikin for Burns and will provide you with leadership in the various obligations as treasurer. Legislative Officer needs a candidate.  As a reminder…..don’t hesitate to run for an office.  And don’t worry that you will offend anyone who currently has the position.  We have all done this for a long time and I am sure would welcome your interest.  Don’t be fearful that any of us are going to abandon you, we are not going anywhere. Please acknowledge your officers that are not running for 2010.  They have all done a great job!!!!!!! We appreciate your efforts. 

Well   it’s time to close…As always, if you haven’t attended a meeting lately, please do..we host two meetings a month; one in Genesee the 1st Monday of the month at Kimberly’s Pub and Shiawassee’s  is the Sunday following the 1st  Monday of the month  at the Hickory Lounge.  If you can’t do to personal obligations, we understand..we know you are here in spirit…. Check out our website at: http://www.abatemichregion20.com

Be Safe,