ABATE of Michigan Region 20

November 2009 News Letter


Hello Region 20 members, family and friends. Genesee and Shiawasse’s meeting was held as scheduled.  Many thanks go to all who attended the region meetings.  Genesee had 45 and Shiawassee had 30 members attending.  There were no guests or new members to acknowledge this month….on with the news

The Awareness Team has far surpassed all of our expectations as to number of “young drivers taught”.  They have nearly doubled last year’s attendance.  Everyone has done a great job.  If you have spare time and would like to help the team, see Mike.  I am sure they could use your help.  Don’t forget that Mike has been nominated to the State Board elections in January.  Vote for Mike.  He will do a great job.

There are several legislative bills that are pending in Lansing to allow us to “Ride with a Choice”.  Please read the front of this magazine for the most up to date information.  As mentioned in previous months Chuck Beals has stepped down as LO for Genesee.  We are pleased to announce that Marty will be your Legislative Officer for 2010 in Genesee.  Thanks for stepping up Marty you will do a great job. On to the Care and Concern section….

On everyone’s mind is our heartfelt concern for Gary Slawter who was injured in a motorcycle accident this past month.  Our prayers are with you as you recover.  We hope to see you at the State Seminar..it just won’t be the same if you are not there.  Recently we were also notified that our region member Steven Graves’s daughter was injured in a car accident. We send our best wishes to a speedy recover.   To all of those that had anniversaries and birthday’s this month. Happy birthday and anniversary to all…On to the RC Report..

Member of the Month for Genesee was Mac and Molly (Holly..lol).  Mac and Holly were so generous in donating the “piggy” for our End of Summer party..cooking the “piggy” and the corn..delicious!!!  You are AWESOME!!! Member of the Month for Shiawassee was Becka.  Becka is the Membership Officer for Shiawassee and she does a great job signing up new members.  Special thanks to all of you..You ROCK!!!!

Randy would like to thank everyone who helped out at the “Tri-City Swap Meet.  There were a lot of new members that volunteered, which was great.  Special thanks to “Kritter” and “Boo Boo” for helping organize the event.  This is a great fundraiser for the Region.  Our Annual Christmas Party is less than a month away.  If you are planning on attending please R.SV.P.  If you are bringing your child or grandchild Santa will be there to give out gifts.  We just need the age and gender.  So just give Randy a call.  If you are bringing a child that is not your child or grandchild, we ask that you provide a wrapped gift for Santa.   Hope to see you there. Nominations were held this month for the following positions:   RC, Treasurer, Legislative Officer and Secretary.  Randy has accepted the nomination of RC for 2010.  Emie Gould will be your Region Treasurer, Marty will be the Legislative officer for Genesee and Mark “The Bus” Berger will be your Legislative Officer for Shiawassee.  Lorenda Edwards will remain as your Secretary for Shiawasee and Aileen England will be your Secretary for Genesee.  Aileen will also assume the position of Editor.  Mike will remain as CO Regional Coordinator and Momma Bear will be your Chief Area Coordinator. All other positions will remain unchanged. Congratulations to all of the officers who have accepted the positions for 2010 and special thanks to all of those that have resigned their obligation.


Well   it’s time to close…As always, if you haven’t attended a meeting lately, please do..we host two meetings a month; one in Genesee the 1st Monday of the month at Kimberly’s Pub and Shiawassee’s  is the Sunday following the 1st  Monday of the month  at the Hickory Lounge.  If you can’t do to personal obligations, we understand..we know you are here in spirit…. Check out our website at: http://www.abatemichregion20.com


Be Safe,