ABATE of Michigan Region 20

December 2009 News Letter



December Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawassee Counties

Legislative Officers-Marte Merrell and Mark Berger

Hello and Happy Holidays to all Region 20, friends, family and fellow ABATE Members.  We had 4 guests/new members at this month’s Genesee meeting:  Brittney Burling, Keith Stiber and Charles Short as well as new RC from Region 11, Chris Rose graced us with his presence and we thank everyone for attending.  We are happy to have members from other regions attend our meetings!!! 

Well, big news at Region 20, there have been a few changes in position for Genesee.  Region 20 wants to thank Georgia, Robin (Bubbles), Terry (Boo Boo), T. C. and Chuck for all the time and dedication they gave to us with the positions they held for so long!!!!  THANK YOU!!!  We have Aileen (SassyLassy) –that would be me, LOL- as secretary for Genesee, Emie as Treasurer, Marte as Legislative Officer, Gerri Lynne (Mama Bear) as Chief Area Coordinator, and Larry (Guard Dog) as Chief Road Captain.  So to these new faces, Thanks for Giving a Shit!!!! 

Our apologies to Bruce at Kimberly’s Pub!!!  You should have been listed as a supporter in the Rider, but somehow it was missed.  But, Bruce, we love yah and thank you so very much for letting Region 20’s Genesee meeting to take place at your pub!!!! 

Ok, focusing back onto the news………….Member of the month for Genesee was Robin (Bubbles) for the last four years as Treasurer.  Good Job Bubbles. 

We have done it!!  Our awareness team just ROCKS!!!!  A Super Outstanding Congratulations is in order for Mike Poage and his faithful awareness instructors!!!  We have passed our goal of 1,800 students for the year and our teaching year is NOT OVER YET!! We have taught 1,865 students this year with multiple classes still scheduled to teach this month!!!  As for next year Mike has set a new goal for Region 20 and we will do our darndest to pass that goal as well!!!!  Good Job Team!!!!    However, now that we are doing so well, we are in need of instructors!!!  If interested get a hold of Mike (Kritter) Poage 810-423-8711!!!

T.C. has decided to step down as Chief Road Captain and have passed the reins onto Larry Scott.  T.C. will support Larry in his efforts. 

Chief Area Coordinator now Gerri Lynne (Mama Bear) made Dennis Mitchell an Area Coordinator.  Way to go Dennis!!

New Legislative Officer, Marte has stepped up to the plate and is willing to speak her mind.  This soap box person will be a spitfire for ABATE as a whole.  Way to go Marte!!.  Since there isn’t much happening in the legislature right now, since they are not technically in session, Marte will still attend the December 9th legislative meeting.  With the freedom of choice issue there are still 12 legislative people still teetering and we need to work on them.   So between Marte and Mark (The Bus) we have quite a strong legislative team and hope to make a difference. 

As for cares and concerns and products for Genesee, Steve (Shaggy) (and Roz) say that thier positions are not up for election but can be bought.  Well, Shaggy, I don’t think you can be bought, you love us too much!!!  Not too much to report, but just remember for the holidays, ABATE merchandise makes great gifts!!!!  Don’t forget to get a Region 20 thong for your loved ones!!!  Shaggy did remind us, you can buy someone a membership for a great gift.  If so, see Jo (JoMama) or anyone in the Region for that assistance!!!  And Gary Slawter (hope I spelled that correctly) our thoughts and prayers are for you!!!  We are thinking of you!!!  He is at his sister’s in Davison recovering. 

As for Randy, he admitted that we forgot at our last Genesee meeting to vote for member of the year, so we opened up the voting at this meeting.  According to the votes, Member of the Year for 2009 is, brrrrmmmm brrrrrmmmm (that is supposed to be a drumroll – he he) is Mike (Kritter) Poage!!!!!!  Way to go Mike!!!!  You do an awesome job as Awareness Coordinator and Co-RC!!!!  Congrats to you!! 

Our Christmas party was a great success!!!  Thanks to our local contributors for donating doorprizes, Mack and Molly—just kidding HOLLY for the food, Dennis for DJ-ing, Santa and Mrs. Claus (we know who you are), Emie, Georgia, Lorenda, Amanda and Mama Bear (and of course, anyone I forgot)!!  The arts and crafts table was a blast for the kids.  Looks like we had more little ones then normal this year, we bought for 29.  As for the rest of the Christmas party, the food was wonderful, hall was perfect, Santa did excellent!!  The kids loved it and were singing carols, what a party!!  Good job!!  And for the kids that left crafts, they were mailed to Santa!!!  Speaking of Christmas Party’s Kimberly’s Pub (4041 South Saginaw Street, Flint) will be having a Christmas Party on December 19th, lots of food and drink specials.  Bruce gave us tickets for the Fraternal Order of Police party on the 12th as well.  Thanks Bruce.

We are looking to throw a Halloween party in 2010 at the hall for adults only.  Possibly selling 150 tickets for $10 each, open to anyone, as long as you get a ticket.  So start planning your costume now.   

One thing that we are hoping will go over well with Shiawassee is to change their meeting from the first Sunday after the first Monday meeting to the first Sunday of the month.  Mikey threw a motion on the floor to change it and all 40 members at the Genesee meeting have agreed that it was a good idea.  Not to mention, Shiawasee will be able to have their information in this report before the newsletter deadline!!!  YEAH!!!! 

As for the big news of the meeting:  The seminar in January!!!  Please, please do your best to attend.  The seminar is the place to be, lots of good food, fun, classes, information, etc.  Book your rooms now.  If you can’t attend all weekend, please try to come out there from 8-10am on Sunday to vote for board members.  Remember we aren’t telling you who to vote for, it is your choice, but don’t forget our own Mike (Kritter) Poage is running!!!  GO KRITTER!!!!!   There will be the “best darned DJ” there Friday and Saturday (that would be Dennis Mitchell), a catered lunch for $7 on Saturday, a first responders class for riders, computer class, etc.  We will be doing breakfast again as well as selling hot dogs and chips for $2 on Friday!!  There will be a hospitality room (number 120) for Region 20 members who need a place to crash as opposed to drinking and driving – which is NEVER allowed!!!  There will be naked volleyball, maybe this year we will have to get a volleyball – LOL!!!  And Mack, no boots in the whirlpool!!!  See you there!!!!!  Any questions about the seminar or anything else, please feel free to contact Randy Wilson at randy6984@aol.com or 810-533-6456.  Don’t forget to check out our Region’s website at www.abatemichregion20.com (thanks to Stephen). 

As for the Shiawassee meeting, guests were Allison Gardner and Brittney Burling!!!  Thanks for attending and giving a shit!!  Member of the month for Shiawassee is Georgia Wilson!!!  Way to go Georgia!!!  Thanks for giving a shit for so long!!! 

Updated number on Awareness training at Sunday’s meeting from Mikey was 1,888 with two classes to go!!!!  Mike, you and your team ROCK!!! 

Something Randy didn’t get to mention at the Genesee meeting is that if you have any family in the armed forces he has taken it upon himself to send off care packages to them for the holidays.  If you have any hand sanitizer, flavored water stuff, baby wipes, etc., please get with any of the officers to get those items to our loved ones.  Also, we need names and addresses of your family members who are in the armed forces in order to get the care packages to them.  Thanks for giving a shit, Randy!!!!!  Need to get this wrapped up by Feb. 14th.  Thanks!! 

One other thing, GUYS ONLY, sorry gals, but there is a shopping trip planned on December 22nd for the guys!!!  Meeting place will be at Hooters on Miller Road in Flint at 6pm.  If you don’t need to do any shopping, it still might be nice to get an evening out with the guys and shoot the bull for a while!!!  Sounds like fun!!!! 

And as my first official newsletter as secretary it has been my pleasure to be a part of Region 20 and provide all of this information to you!!  And as for Region 20 and myself, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, and any other greeting that I may have missed.  Just be happy and be safe out there!!!!