ABATE of Michigan Region 20

January 2010 News Letter



January Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties

Legislative Officers-Marte Merrell and Mark Berger

Hello to all Region 20, friends, family and fellow ABATE Members.  It is Seminar Time!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!  We had 2 guests/new members at this month’s Genesee meeting:  Keith Jennings from Rock House Productions and Hunter Walters.  No new members or guests at Shiawasee.  As for attendance, 27 attendees at Genesee and 24 attendees at Shiawasee--Thanks for giving a shit!!! 

And Yee Haw, our Shiawasee meeting is now falling on the FIRST SUNDAY of the month so their information should make it into the current newsletters!!!  And thanks to Lorenda Edwards for reporting that news.  YEAH!!!! 

Members of the month:  For Genesee County:  John and Ellen Langworthy for doing such a fabulous job playing Mr. and Mrs. You Know Who at the Christmas Party.  For Shiawasee County: Lorenda Edwards for doing her usual spectacular job and making an awesome quilt (Don’t forget we will be auctioning it off at Seminar—so buy LOTS of tickets!!!). 

Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted. 

As for Awareness, Mike Poage and his team have once again done it!!!!  We should be darn proud of Region 20 and their sensational efforts!!!!  The 20 team has taught more students then ANY OTHER REGION EVER!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!!  1,907 students in 2009!!!  GREAT JOB 20 TEAM!!!!!   However, no students taught as of January 4th, but have NO FEAR because the team has been reestablished at Atherton High School and has lots of classes to teach in January alone.  Don’t forget, now that we are doing so well, we are in need of instructors!!!  If interested get a hold of Mike (Kritter) Poage 810-423-8711!!!  Congratulations to John Langworthy he will be presenting soon at the Awareness classes.  Way to go John—Thanks for Giving a Shit!!! 

And speaking of Awareness, our Awareness Party will be held on Saturday, April 10, 2010.  Tickets are $10 per person which will pay for our Awareness Billboard with a good attendance at the party.  We need your assistance to get the word out on this VERY important event.  See Holly and Mack McCracken for tickets 248-770-2478 (Holly) and 313-590-1001 (Mack).  Awareness is really important-Gary Slawter knows this for a fact.  Just think if the kid that ran him over would have seen our awareness program, Gary wouldn’t have had an accident.

Chief Road Captain didn’t have anything to say this meeting, but just wait we have lots of thing happening in 2010 so I am sure we will be hearing plenty from Larry (Guard Dog). 

Chief Area Coordinator for Genesee County, Gerri Lynne (Mama Bear) is in desperate need of area coordinators.  We only have a handful right now and to keep Region 20 such a wonderful success, we need your assistance, please.  Contact Mama Bear at 810-694-7079. You go Gerri Lynne!!!

Legislative Officer for Genesee County, Marte has legislative books if you are interested (810-569-8777).  Just a reminder, whenever you write legislators please remember to tell them the number of students we have trained from our region.  We need to blast it in their faces (politely, of course) that we aren’t stupid bikers who ride around without helmets.  Marte says to encourage everyone to go on the Awareness Ride, it is not just for ABATE Members.  The Freedom Ride is coming up as well and this is our time to let the legislators know we are NOT going away!!!  Marte will have a Legislative Days calendar at the February meeting.  As for House Bill 4960 on December 9th she met with Jenny and Jim and found out that it was for bicyclists but motorcyclists are now on the bill too.  As for House Bill 4370 to bar talking on cell phones, it is now at the transportation level.  And as for House Bill 4747 Helmet Law, nothing new to discuss.  Remember we have 65 yeses, but need 70 to pass!!!!  Woodrow Stanley, Jim Slezak are question marks and Richard Ball is a no.  These guys are in our region and we need to call, email and write to them.  Let’s keep them blogged down!!  We need them to know we are educated and take our responsibilities seriously!!!!  They need to understand as well, that without the freedom of choice on wearing helmets they are cutting down tourism in Michigan.  That could mean more jobs and more money here!!  As for Abate vs. MI, nothing new to report.  Just a note, too from Mike:  there are approximately 2,600 deaths every year from cell phone talkers and approximately 20,000 injuries PER YEAR!!!  Deb Hart knows this as a fact!!!  See how important awareness is.  Thanks Marte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep up the good work.

Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County, Mark had no report for January.

As for cares and concerns and products for Genesee, no report this meeting.  Everyone is still cheering for Gary Slawter (bet I still spelled that incorrectly) our thoughts and prayers are for you!!!  And congratulations to Robin (Bubbles) and Terry (Booboo) on becoming grandparents!!! 

Cupcake at Shiawasee said that we have product but orders will be coming later.  Please feel free to visit the product room at Seminar as they will have different product that she can not get.  Thanks Cupcake!!!!

Looks like Region 20 will be having a Halloween party on October 23, 2010 at the hall for adults only.  Possibly selling 150 tickets for $10 each, open to anyone, as long as you get a ticket.  I know I am working on my costume already—just hope I can still fit into it in October, he he.    

Biking for Burns or B4B for short is just around the corner.  I don’t know about you but I am getting fired up (lol) for that!!!!  Meeting for the B4B committee will begin in February over at the Sidecar section of Scooters (corner of Hill and Torrey Roads in Flint).  Sign up sheets will be at the February meeting. Think about getting involved!!!  This is a big year for B4B, it is our 10th year!!!  We couldn’t have done it without all of you and your wonderful support!!! Thanks for giving a shit.  So keeping that in mind, we need some ideas for how to make this B4B a spectacular one!!!!  Members at Shiawasee discussed patches, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, etc. for the 10th anniversary.  Randy and P.J. have the original logo. And yes, we are aware that Perani has been sold and Randy will be checking into that issue, but is not worried about any problems for B4B.

A couple of motions from Shiawasee were discussed and passed at both meetings.  One motion was for $200 to be spent on food purchases for Seminar.  We for sure won’t spend $200 with Cindy shopping (we need to name her coupon lady-he he) and donations.  The other motion was a continuation of donating 50/50 profit to the PAC fund from now through November.  Both motions passed and Mack McCracken abstained from voting on the PAC motion. However, just a reminder we will be taking the donations from 50/50 for Jan.-March to give to a fellow ABATE Member!!! 

Just a note about the PAC fund donations as they were reported, Region 7 came in first with $27,155; Region 17 was second with $11,166; third was Region 4 with $9,625; fourth was Region 11 with $7,370; fifth was Region 13 with $6,527 and sixth was Region 20 (woo hoo) with $6,135.  However, Randy noticed, at seminar, that Region 20 had actually given another $2,000 for the Billboard, bringing our actual total to $8,135 actually bringing us to 4th place!!!!  Region 20 members should feel proud for all the things that we do in the community and for making it to 4th on the PAC list!!  We are so AWESOME!!  Good Job to all ABATE MEMBERS!!!

Speaking of a VERY special ABATE Member, mark your calendars!!!  We have a fundraising event on Saturday, March 6th for a special someone-Gary Slawter-which will be held at Kimberly’s pub.  Starts at noon with all you can eat spaghetti for $5.  There will be auction items, 50/50, etc. If you would like, please bring a dish to pass. Bruce at Kimberly’s needs auction items (810-743-7045).  AN ENORMOUS thanks to Bruce for his assistance on this one!!!  AND the fun doesn’t end there, at 7pm the partying will begin!!!  All proceeds from this event will go Gary Slawter.  Gary is a long standing ABATE member and is ALWAYS the first to help!!  But now HE needs our help!!  So let’s help Gary and be there!!!! 

REMINDER to Region 20 members, if you have any family in the armed forces Randy and Cindy are working on care packages to them overseas.  We need names and addresses of your family members who are in the armed forces in order to get the care packages to them (contact Randy or Cindy).  If you have any hand sanitizer, flavored water stuff, baby wipes, toiletries, movies, cigars, B4B or Region 20 items (see Shaggy and Roz or Cupcake to purchase items), old magazines or books, etc., please get those items to Randy or Cindy.  We need to get this wrapped up by Feb. 14th for these special people!!!!  Thanks!! 

New Sergeant of Arms for Genesee County is Mac McCraken and New Sergeant of Arms for Shaiwasee is Stephen Kuch!!!  You guys Rock!!!  Thanks for stepping up and taking arms!!!  And don’t forget Mack has quite a history with security and owns his own security company.  I think I feel safer just writing about it.

Kimberly’s Pub will be having a Superbowl Party on Sunday, February 7 with shot specials, food and football trivia.  There will be $1 domestic beers as well as doorprizes.  Kimberly’s is located at 4041 South Saginaw Street in Flint.

As for 50/50 this month at Genesee the bartender Gerry Lou won and donated back the winnings.  Thanks for giving a shit Gerry!!!

At the Shiawasee meeting, the wonderful, as always, Lorenda, had the quilt she made on display, made from T-shirts.  That awesome quilt will be auctioned off at Seminar.  Remember ABATE members, the money made from this quilt goes to our Awareness Program, so let’s all purchase tickets and help get tickets sold.  I am sure Margaret is resting up now as to this is a big weekend for her.  Margaret, I think you should get a foot massage on Sunday!!! 

Any questions about Region 20, please feel free to contact Randy Wilson at randy6984@aol.com or 810-533-6456.  Don’t forget to check out our Region’s website at www.abatemichregion20.com (thanks Stephen). 

I have rambled on enough so I will be signing off.  See you all at Seminar!!  Have a groovy day and be safe out there!!!!  Thanx!!!