ABATE of Michigan Region 20

June 2010 News Letter


June Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties

Legislative Officers-Marte Merrell and Mark Berger

A fine howdy do to all Region 20, friends, family and fellow ABATE Members.  We had new members this month at Genesee’s meeting:  Craig Johnson, Dave Turner (Lumpy), Ronnie “O”, Chris Horton, Jeremy Gilmer and a blast from the past and a welcome back to Hippie!!  At Shiawasee this month: we had a guest, Harold Buck Kuisel (Republican) who is running for MI House of Representative - 85th District.  

Members of the month:  For Genesee and Shiawasee Counties was Genesee County and Shiawasee County Region 20 members.  For all your hard work at Bikin’ for Burns!!  Region 20 you ROCK!!

Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted. 

The Awareness Report by Mike Poage is, as always, positive, with how many awareness classes are booked.  Good Job Mike and the team!!  Mike needs help so if you would like to help with the importance of Motorcycle Safety Awareness, call Mike (Kritter) 810-423-8711.  Mike received a check from Lorenda for Jean Day collection from HealthPlus. Way to go Lorenda and Health Plus!!!! 

And the only time this year, the Moving Wall will be in Hamburg, July 8-12!! There is a ride from Harley Davidson of Farmington Hills and ending at Michigan International Speedway. And for $10 a lap you can ride the track with your bike.  This ride is to donate monies to Nicholas Coultur (I am sure I misspelled it) who lost both legs from explosives.  I am sure Farmington Hills HD will have more information.  Thank you  and bless you, Nicholas!!! 

Chief Road Captain and Chief Area Coordinators, no reports for this month but I am sure they will make up for it in the months to come!!  Woo Hoo!!!

Legislative Officer for Genesee County, Marte Merrell and Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County, Mark-Bus are reminding everyone that Wednesday, June 9 is Helmet Law Day.  Those attending there will be meeting places at 10am in Flint at Capital Coney Island and 11am in Perry at the Burger King. Bill 4747 has passed the house and now we need to push our senators.  Remember who is for us and who is not.  We want to try and educate people about us and what we do.  Paula Zelanko is having a BBQ Picnic on June 17 at Bitner’s Cellar at Bristol and I-475.  The cost is $25 to help raise money for her campaign.  Remember we want to assist our supporters by helping at phone banks to remind people to vote or assist them in any way.  Paula’s headquarters are opening next week (June 14) at Courtland Center Mall just west of Old Country Buffet.  If any can assist to stuff envelopes, etc., call 810-743-0127. To contact Mark-Bus call 517-455-1611 or email:  bergermark48@yahoo.com.

As for cares and concerns Happy Birthday and Anniversary to everyone for June!!!   Keep Maurice in our prayers!!!  Get well soon, we miss you!!!  26 years for Randy and Georgia, 12 years for BooBoo and Bubbles, 14 for Emie and Dennis!!!  Congrats!! 

Product sales have been doing well!!!  Thanks for all who bought at Biking for Burns!! 

Biking for Burns (B4B) went as best as it could for the circumstances!!!  WEATHER SUCKED!  Food vendors lost all their product and some lost equipment!!  Randy expressed with all the changes in leadership and flying by the seat of their pants, they did a fantastic job!!!  A Proud Moment for Randy, Region 20 you kicked ass!!! 

State Field Meet at Oil City is coming up!!!    Dogs were allowed for $25 for the weekend as long as they were collared, leashed and had an armband on their collar.  Thanks to Mike Poage and Gary Slawter for doing Security.  Thanks to Georgia, Emie, Robin and anyone else I am forgetting for all their hard work in the kitchen and food.  Thanks to Gary for making pork loin!!!  Please remember to clean up after your selves and help pitch in on clean up.  A big thank you to PJ, Cindy and Geno for running power and putting down tile so we won’t be flooded out this year!  Darn, I wanted to see air mattresses floating in the morning!!!! 

It is that time again for selling State Raffle Tickets for the 2010 ElectraGlide motorcycle.  The bike will be given away at the Sturgis Toy Run on September 11, 2010.  See Mac and Holly for tickets.  Money will be collected in August so sell, sell, sell!!!! 

***ATTENTION, ATTENTION, ATTENTION*** Ride for Your Rights Poker Run on Saturday, July 24th!!  Cost is $10 per person with proceeds going to ABATE Region 20.  Registration from Noon-2pm Hickory Lounge, 311 Corunna Ave., in Owosso and ending at Kimberly’s Pub, 4041 South Saginaw, Flint. Kimberly’s Pub will have a cookout, prizes for the best 3 hands, 50/50, auction items and door prizes.  Come on out and have a great deal of fun!!!  LOL

50/50 this month at Genesee was won by the lovely waitress. Roger from Shiawassee’s meeting donated $20 to ABATE!! 

There will be NO Meetings for July!!!   Meetings will resume in August!!  Reminder, the end of the year party is going to be held August 28. 

If you have any comments or concerns regarding Region 20, contact Randy Wilson at randy6984@aol.com or 810-533-6456.  Our website is www.abatemichregion20.com.  Master of our web is Stephen, you can contact him at abate.of.michigan.region20@gmail.com.

And now for Sassy’s Second!!  Remember that when times are tough, someone always has it tougher!!  And when times are tough, there is always someone to lean on!!!  For those of you who need it, keep your chin up, things do get better!!