ABATE of Michigan Region 20

August 2010 News Letter

August Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties

Legislative Officers-Marte Merrell and Mark Berger

Happy August to Region 20, friends, family and fellow ABATE Members!  We had 2 new members and 1 guest this month at Genesee’s meeting:  Jim Barbaretta, Matt Freeland and June Taylor.  34 attendees at Genesee's meeting.  “Thanks for giving a shit to all new members and guests!!” 

Members of the month for July was “Bubbles” - Robin.  For Genesee County for July was Georgia Wilson. Members of the month for August in Shiawasee County is Terry from Hickory Lounge and his staff and for Genesee County is Bruce from Kimberly’s Pub and his staff---for their assistance with Region 20's Poker Run!!!    

Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted. 

As for the Awareness report for August from “Kritter” - Mike Poage, we are well on our way to a great year on safety awareness training!!!  GREAT JOB TEAM!!!  AN AWESOME “Thanks for Giving a Shit” to new member Matt, who has already signed up to be a Safety Awareness Instructor!!!  Way to go Matt!!!  Rich Alderman and Eric Wallace are now back on board with training and are raring to go!!  Any Safety Awareness inquiries, call Mike (Kritter) 810-423-8711.

Chief Road Captain, no report at this meeting.

Chief Area Coordinator for Genesee County, Gerri Lynne (Mama Bear) no report at this meeting.

As for the LO Report from Marte, she was not impressed with Rich Snyderwhen she met with him.  When she expressed interest in the economic report, that was it.  The Safety Association said in 2009 that the fatalities went down by 10%.  ABATE of Mi mailed members a list of people running for the August 3rd election regarding who supports our organization or not.  We are wishing our favorites (Paula Zelenko) good luck in the election and we won't talk too much of others.  Legislative Officer for Genesee County, Marte and Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County is Mark-Bus (517-455-1611), bergermark48@yahoo.com, contact either of them if you need information or have ideas to share. 

As for cares and concerns and products:  Happy Birthday and Anniversary to everyone for August!!!  38 years for Lorenda's marriage, he must be doing something right – JUST KIDDING—CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Our condolences and thoughts and prayers to a few others!!!!  As for products, we have thermal sweaters and a raffle going on.  For $1 a ticket till October 3rd's meeting Amanda or Cupcake are selling tickets for $1 to win a long sleeve shirt or T-shirt.  Both items are a $20 value or more. 

Dennis said that his cousin passes on his sincere gratitude, since he was a recipient of a care package that Region 20 sent out this year!!!  We will try to do another round of care packages around Thanksgiving.  So, if you have any family oversees, please let one of the officers know so we can make sure to get them a care package!!!!  Remember they need toiletry items, no aerosols, powder drink mix for water, magazines, writing materials for letters, etc.

Randy presented Holly with a patch at the meeting, she is now known as the “TicketMaster”!!!  Go Rock Holly!!!  P.S. Congrats on the one year anniversary!

Chairperson for the State Field Meet at Oil City was Randy and good job Randy, you put in for good weather and we GOT IT!!!!  Alter Ego rocked overtime!!!  Pre party time with Randy and Emie—guess who got bombed on WHITE Jack Daniels.  And that person got lost for 2 hours at night and wound up in yellow caution tape!!!  As for Vince Consiglio---HMMMM!!!!  LOL

RAVE RUN TIME!!!!  For those of you that don't know about the run it is the 5th Annual Shiawasee County driven event for R.A.V.E. (Relief After Violent Encounters).  This organization just loves the support and give out A LOT of great door prizes.  That is happening on September 18th, at the Hickory Lounge.  Registration is 11am to 1pm, all vehicles welcome (2 and 4 wheeled).  Only $10 per person-includes one Poker Hand (additional poker hands $5).  Last bike in at 6pm.  We hope to see you at the event.  Rave Run Committee meetings start August 25th at the Hickory Lounge, 6pm, if you want to be a part of this fabulous event.  Contact Zip for info: 989-723-7953.

The State Raffle Tickets for the 2010 ElectraGlide motorcycle ends at the Sturgis Toy Run on September 11, 2010.  Please turn in money to Mack and Holly before August 28!!  And good job of those who sold tickets this year!!!

August 4th at the Davison Fire Department, the smoke house that Bikin' for Burns helped Davison acquire was on display.  I hope you got to see it. 

Super Moto at Auto City Speedway on Sunday, August 15th.  Thanks to Dave Dupry for donating part of the proceeds to Region 20!!!

End of the Year Party at Randy Wilson's on Saturday, August 28 with the theme of Cowboys and Indians!  HOW!!!  LOL, just kidding.  Anyway, please feel free to camp after 6pm on that Friday.  Please bring a dish to pass, see Emie for what has been signed up already.  Mack and Holly can't help out with the donation of a pig this year due to other events, but they will be partying down with us on Saturday night!!!  Please bring your own meat to eat, oh, gees that so didn't sound good!!!  Hamburgs, hot dogs, etc.  LOL.  No Broke Back Biker and look out for Naked Cowboy Randy (Yikes!). 

Labor Day Party with the Iron Wheels, only $20 for the weekend, per person.  There is camping for Region 20 if you are wanting to attend. 

Saturday, October 2 is our 11th Annual Fall Color Tour.  Starts at Top End Cycle on Dort Highway, only $10 per person with the proceeds going to Region 20.  Registration is 10am-Noon with the ride ending at Shiatown Park.  Hot dogs, caramel apples, 50/50, doorprizes, etc. Hope to see you there.  

October 23 is our Halloween Party.  We are selling 100 tickets to the ADULT ONLY event at the American Legion Hall in Swartz Creek.  B.Y.O.B., please.. Tickets are $10 per person and will be available at the End of the Year Party (Saturday).  I am planning my costume already. 

Please check Facebook for BooBoo's posts as well as our website for other events that are going on. 

Thanks to “Region 20''s” two bars, Kimberly's Pub and Hickory Lounge for their support on our Poker Run – July 24.  Thanks so much to Bruce for the auctioning off of two T-shirts and giving us the proceeds and for the great food too!!!!! 

50/50 this month at Genesee was won by Chuck Beales--- and he gave back half!!!  THANKS Chuck!!!


If you have any comments or concerns regarding Region 20, please talk to Randy Wilson at randy6984@aol.com or 810-533-6456.  Visit our website if you would like (we have classified ads):  www.abatemichregion20.com.  Thanks to Stephen for maintaining it and contact him at abate.of.michigan.region20@gmail.com.

Sassy’s Second!!  Try and help someone who needs it, even if it is a smile or a wave, making someone's day can just help!!!