ABATE of Michigan Region 20

October 2010 News Letter


October Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties

Legislative Officers-Marte Merrell and Mark Berger

Wow, October, where did the summer go??  Well, hello all  friends, family and fellow ABATE Members!  We had a guest: Sharon Parker at Shiawasee this meeting and 2 guests at Genesee's meeting:  Maxine “Max” Bullard and Harold Gould.   “Thanks for giving a shit to all new members!!” 

Members of the month for Genesee County was Larry Scott. 

Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted. 

Kritter” - Mike Poage gave the Awareness report for September and WOW!!!!!  Mike and his Awareness Team are really working their behinds off!!!  GREAT JOB TEAM.  There are 7 c lasses to teach for October back in Kearsley Schools.  Any Safety Awareness inquiries or if you want to become an instructor, call Mike (Kritter) 810-423-8711.

Chief Road Captain and Chief Area Coordinator, no reports this time around.

This month's LO Report a good one.  The main topic this month was who supports or doesn't support ABATE in the upcoming on November 2.  I will try to get that info on the website for you.   With voting you can split your ticket and vote for ether party that looks good!!  For the ABATE supporters we encourage you to help them out on their campaigns.  They can use help with phone calls, signs, giving out information, etc.  Motorcycle fatalities are down 10% already.  Remember our goal is motorcycle safety and awareness.  Talk to your L.O. for more information, representatives phone numbers, etc.:  Genesee County L.O. is Marte and L.O. for Shiawasee County is Mark/Bus (517-455-1611), bergermark48@yahoo.com.

From Cupcake in Shiawasee and Amanda in Genesee:  Happy Birthday and Anniversary to everyone for in October!!!!  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dennis Mitchell and his family for his loss.  And to everyone else mentioned at both meetings, Region 20 says get well soon!!!

As for Products, the time has come for bundling up!!!  There are many wonderful products to purchase such as, hoodies, thermals and more.  Check out the new patches as well-even an education patch is in the works.  There are sweatshirts and sweatpants with pockets on order.  No products will be ordered new till next year, so the next few months will be the time to pick up things for your holiday shopping needs.  Santa, can I please get a Region 20 Hoodie--black, size M, please!!!  If you want Bikin' for Burns T-shirts, let Amanda or Cupcake (248-921-6083 or bergerterry@ymail.com) know to bring them.  The tickets that were being sold for $1 to win a shirt by the Product's team were won as follows:  T-Shirt to Zip and the other shirt to Hats.    

Region 20 is in need of names of family and friends that are serving overseas in the military, please.  We will be putting together care packages for Thanksgiving. Please let one of the officers know names and addresses.  The recipients need toiletry items, no aerosols, powder drink mix for water, old magazines (not X rated), foot powder, jerky, gum, hard candy, razors, writing materials for letters, etc. If you are not sure about what to give for the packets contact me at aileen.m.england@juno.com or 810-919-5078.

The RAVE Run didn't have the best weather but a good turnout.  Thanks to Terry at the Hickory Lounge he gave our Region a nice donation.  Terry helps out Abate every chance he gets!!  You Rock, Terry!!!!  So if you are ever in Owosso stop in!!!  We brought in a good amount of money for the RAVE Run despite the circumstances.  Good job everyone!!

Fall Color Tour had pretty bad weather again this year.  Not too many people showed up, but we made a little money and sold some apples.  Hopefully we will have a great day next year.  This is Region 20's event and ALL proceeds from this event stay in our Region. 

NEW LOCATION FOR THE HALLOWEEN PARTY on Saturday, October 23, now at the Union Hall, Local 119  behind the Blue Church Building (Encore, Encore) at the corner of Center and Maple .  We are still selling tickets for $10 each to the ADULT ONLY event.  B.Y.O.B., please.  If you are able, we would love to have attendees bring a dish to pass, please.  See Randy (randy6984@aol.com or 810-533-6456), TC (tcompton0824@aol.com), Mike or Aileen (Sassy 810-919-5078) for tickets.  Remember, costumes are encouraged!!!  Lots of fun, plenty of tickets available, ask your friends and proceeds will go toward the Christmas Party!!! 

Remember that the swap meet in Birch Run is the very next day, Sunday, October 24.  Still in need of some volunteers to work the event and you get in for FREE.  Please get in touch with Terry/Boo-Boo if you want to volunteer to see where help is still needed, booboo69@comcast.net or 810-.938-7202  Shifts are 6-10am; 10am-2pm; 2pm-6pm.

Region 20's FREE Christmas party is Saturday, December 5 and wow, that will be here before you know it!!!  A sign up sheet will be at the next meetings (Shiawasee on November 7 and Genesee on November 8) to sign up for kids that are family members that will be attending the party.  However, ANY child is welcome to get a gift from Santa if one is provided for those non-family members at the party.  Remember, Mama Bear, Emie, Amanda, etc., will be having a craft table for the kids!!  If you have any craft things you would like to donate for the party, please bring them to November's meeting(s).  Please sign up as well, to bring a dish to pass, if you can.  Oh, Santa, I am trying to be good!!!  LOL

January = SEMINAR!!!  Hope you are planning on attending this FREE event on January 14-15, 2011.  The only thing you have to pay for is a room and the option for a lunch/dinner ticket.  But don't forget, Lorenda is making a quilt so try and save some money to purchase raffle tickets for that on Saturday!!!  You can cut costs by sharing a room for the weekend.  Try not to pass up the opportunity to network with ABATE people from other regions!!  Please see the ad in this month's Rider for more info.  And just to let you know, Randy will be running for the Board, so come and support him!!! 

Speaking of Seminar---ANYONE IN REGION 20 INTERESTED IN DOING A THEME (even though we will be doing the Friday night Hot Dogs and Sunday Breakfast)???  If so, get with me—SASSY-- and we will plan something!!!  Contact me at 810-919-5078 or aileen.m.england@juno.com.  We can plan a meeting or just shoot ideas around.  We should start as soon as we can. 

Region 20 elections are coming up.  If you have anyone in mind for a position (RC, secretary, treasurer), feel free to nominate someone or maybe you would like to run yourself.  Chief Area Coordinator, Co-RC and Chief Road Captain are appointed positions.

50/50 this month was won by Matt at Genesee and he donated it back!!!  Thanks, Matt!!!

Questions, comments or concerns regarding Region 20, please feel free to contact our current RC, Randy Wilson at randy6984@aol.com or 810-533-6456.  Our website is always active and running so check it out at:  www.abatemichregion20.com,  Stephen is our webmaster, you can email him at:  abate.of.michigan.region20@gmail.com.

As for Sassy’s Second!!  Fall is a time for cuddling, hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows and getting in the last bit of riding for the season.  So, please be safe out there!!!