ABATE of Michigan Region 20

February 2011 News Letter


Hello Region 20 members, family and friends. 

Special thanks to all of the new members and guests that have attended our previous local meetings.  For the month of February Genesee had 35 attendees and Shiawassee had 30….. On to the Awareness news...

The Awareness Team is recruiting members to help teach Awareness classes in our area.  No experience is required.  How many times have you seen that statement….lol.  Step up and help the team protect all motorcycle riders in our area and those that are traveling through.  As spring will soon be approaching, our need could not be greater.  This is no small task.  With the Awareness Team teaching over 2000 students can you imagine the dedication that is required from the few individuals that have stepped up and donated time.  Let’s make their job a little easier.  Call Mike and let him know you care and are willing to help.  Even the smallest amount of help is appreciated. On to the Legislative Officer report……………

Marty and Bus would like to remind everyone to call/email their legislatures.  Remind them to vote for the Right to Choose.  Marty and Bus has done a great job.  They attend Legislative meetings on a regular basis.  In doing so they would like you to join them on Legislative Days at Lansing.  The following dates are available.  Attend as many meetings are you are able to do.  Legislative Days: 3/16/11, 4/20/11, 5/18/11 and of course our Helmet Rally on June 8, 2011.  Call Marty and Bus for carpooling opportunities.

I am pleased to announce that Robin “Bubbles” Goyette is now your treasurer for Region 20.  Robin will do a great job.  We are happy to have her experience at the helm as we begin 2011.

Aileen “Sassy Lassy” has stepped up to be our Events Coordinator.  The experience that Aileen will bring to our area fundraisers is appreciated.  See Aileen if you have any ideas about a “new event” or questions about an existing one.  It is hard to believe that our first Bikin for Burns committee meeting is scheduled for 2/22/11.  More dates will be available at next meetings and in this mag. Thanks again Aileen for stepping up.  We appreciate all of your efforts.

TC has stepped up as your Chief Area Coordinator.  Anyone who knows TC will agree, he brings a wealth of experience.  We are pleased that he has stepped up.  TC will be working with the Area Coordinators as we approach a new year…Awesome…

Hope all members have a happy birthday and anniversary for February 2011. As mentioned in previous newsletters, Mike aka “Kritter” is on the mend, it’s hard to keep a “Kritter” down.  Robin’s wing is on the mend.   Keep those who are facing challenges in your thoughts.  There is strength in numbers.  The mind is a powerful tool. On to the RC report…

Welcome to 2011. Did you attend the seminar last month?  If you didn’t attend you missed a lot.  Region 20 for the first year participated in the hospitality contest.  Our theme was of course “the Roaring 20’s”.  The costumes were great.   We are thinking of next year.  Can’t wait to see what our theme will be.  The sky is the limit..or no limit..you just never know with our members.  I hope many were able to attend the seminar classes.  After all, the partying is great however the goal is to learn.  An if you can learn and party..sound’s great to me..

Guess who’s our member of the year for 2010?  Mike “the Kritter” was.  Anyone who can lead his troops and teach 2005 students deserves it.  Let’s put this in perspective….Region 20 taught 2005 of 6075 student’s state wide.  Congratulations Kritter!!!!

Member for the month of February is Lorenda for Shiawassee and Margaret “50/50” for Genesee.  Lorenda put in timelessness amount of hours sewing an awesome quilt that was raffled off at the seminar.  And of course our very own “50/50” sold the tickets.  Randy and the region would like to thank you both for your continued efforts. 

Randy would like to acknowledge members who have shown support to the region.  Your ability to stand together and unite is remarkable.  Thank you to all who have re elected Mike (Kritter) to the state board and elected our very own Randy (Speedo).  God bless the state board as they now have “2” region 20 members…lol..

As mentioned in the previous rider, Randy is, serving a chairperson for the State Field Meet.  There will be a few changes this year.  We are going to Hell, Michigan. Hell Creek Ranch is a beautiful place.  Changes are being made to make this event bigger and better than ever.  More news about our new venue and event happenings will follow. Don’t forget the beads. More information will be available soon.   

Randy encourages everyone to keep focused on the potential of our region.  What a great group of friends and family.  We are strong.  Look out 2011.

Have you taken a moment to check out our Region 20 web page?  Stephen has done such a great job.  Check out the website for all of you Abate Region20 news.  Including officer contact information, legislative news, events and of course pictures.  Speaking of pictures…this weekend is our Abate State Seminar in Saginaw.  Always memorable…

Well   it’s time to close…As always, if you haven’t attended a meeting lately, please do...we host two meetings a month; one in Shiawassee the 1st Sunday of the month at the Hickory Lounge in Corunna and Genesee the 1st Monday of the month at Kimberly’s Pub.  If you can’t attend due to personal obligations, we understand...we know you are here in spirit…. Check out our website at: http://www.abatemichregion20.com

Be Safe,