ABATE of Michigan Region 20

September 2011 News Letter


Hello Region 20 members, family and friends.

  September’s meeting for Genesee and Shiawassee was combined, held at the End of the Year Party. There were 60 attendees, including 2 new members:  Rob Frieburger and Ann Funsch.  On to the news…….

The Awareness Team is doing an awesome job educating our young drivers to LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE.  I am still amazed that a small group of individuals can teach so many teens in the area.  Many thanks to all of the team members that have volunteered their time to help. Thanks for all of your efforts..1410 students is a great accomplishment.  Don’t forget to give an extra 5.00 to Awareness when you renew you membership.  All of the monies provide materials for the students that attend the awareness classes. Instructors are needed.  Please see Mike if you are interested.

Our legislative officers (Marty- Genesee and Mark “The Bus”) are doing a great job keeping us informed of the happenings in Lansing.  There are a few bills that are pending approval for our Right to Ride Free.  Please refer to our state Legislative officer Jim Rhoades section in the front of this newsletter.  Jim has the most updated information.  I can tell you to please call your legislative representatives.  You may not think that your voice counts..but it does.  They were voted by the public and should support the views of their constituents.  Don’t forget the Helmet Protest in September.

Our products team is waiting on new merchandise.  Come to a local meeting to see what is available.  Special orders are available.  You will just need to pay at the time of ordering. On to Care’s and Concern’s…

Happy Anniversary and Birthday to all.  Remember to keep your Care’s and Concern’s Officers up to date, Kay (Shiawassee) and Amanda (Genesee). On to the RC Report…

I hope you were able to attend the End of The Summer Party.  If not you missed one hell of a great time.  Special thanks to Robin “Bubbles” Goyette for picking up the eats and to Aileen for “spinning the tunes”.  Biker games were a blast.  Most people spent the weekend camping, which was AWESOME!!!Good to see the “newbees” in the festivities.  I hope you are planning on attending Region 20’s, 6th Annual RAVE Run in Shiawassee County.   The monies raised from this event provide support for a local “safe house”, protecting individuals that have been involved in domestic violence.   I will update you on the event news in the next edition.  In October we will be hosting out Fall Color Tour and Halloween Party.  More information will be available in the next edition, or check out the flyers..come to a local meeting or..check out the website.

Members of the month for September were Aileen (G) and Rich Turchi (S).  Thank you for going above and beyond.  Your help is appreciated and acknowledged.   Our region wouldn’t be successful without the immense amount of support.

Well   it’s time to close…As always, if you haven’t attended a meeting lately, please do...we host two meetings a month; one in Shiawassee the 1st Sunday of the month at the Hickory Lounge in Corunna and Genesee the 1st Monday of the month at Kimberly’s Pub.  If you can’t attend due to personal obligations, we understand...we know you are here in spirit…. Check out our website at: http://www.abatemichregion20.com

Be Safe,