ABATE of Michigan Region 20

October 2011 News Letter

Hello Region 20 members, family and friends.

 October’s meeting for Genesee we had 32 attendees no new members or guests.  Shiawassee’s meeting had 25 attendees (1) guest Amanda Bliss. On to the news…….

Many thanks to Kimberly’s Pub for supporting the Awareness Team, all efforts are appreciated and recognized.  The Awareness Team is once again leading the mission to educate the community to LOOK TWICE SAVE A LIFE.  It was announced last month that Region 20’s Co-Director Eric Wallace is leaving to Florida to enjoy some quality retirement time with his family (good for Eric!!! Enjoy the weather).  Jo Mamma has agreed to step up as Awareness Instructor.  Thank you Jo Mamma!  More help is needed.  If you are interested in being an Awareness Instructor, please see Mike.  All help is appreciated!!!!!  Also don’t forget to indicate your support on our membership form. 

Our legislative officers (Marty- Genesee and Mark “The Bus”) are doing a great job keeping us informed of the happenings in Lansing.  There are a few bills that are pending approval for our Right to Ride Free.  Please refer to our state Legislative officer Jim Rhoades section in the front of this newsletter.  Jim has the most updated information.  I can tell you to please call your legislative representatives.  You may not think that your voice counts..but it does.  They were voted by the public and should support the views of their constituents. 

Our products team is waiting on new merchandise.  Come to a local meeting to see what is available.  Special orders are available.  You will just need to pay at the time of ordering. On to Care’s and Concern’s…

It is important at this time to hold in our thought s our members that are experiencing periods of “trials and tribulations”.  Please hold in your thoughts Rob (Axemen), Amanda, Stump and Santa.  Our thoughts are with you.

 Remember to keep your Care’s and Concern’s Officers up to date, Kay (Shiawassee) and Amanda (Genesee). For all of you that are celebrating, Happy Anniversary and Birthday to all.  On to the RC Report…

Member of the month for Genesee is Audrey Coon and for Shiawassee Zip.  Both of these individuals helped to prepare for the RAVE Run.  Zip being the “originator” of the idea and his continued passion to support the RAVE Run (Relief After Violent Encounter) aka Safe House.  Thank you to Audrey for assisting with the route.  Thank you both for all of your efforts.   Hopefully you heard the news..the Halloween party is on!!!  The date is changed to 10-29-11 (Saturday).  It will be held at Kimberly’s Pub.  Thank you to Bruce owner of Kimberly’s Pub for offering his support to host the party.  I will update you on the happenings in next month’s edition of the rider.  On 10-7-11 Region 20 hosted their annual Fall Color Tour.  What a perfect day for the event.  I am not sure the last year we have had 80 degree weather.  Thank you to all who participated.  Special thanks to Ed (owner of Top End Cycles) for hosting our registration site.  Don’t forget that November is nominations month.  Nominations are available for officer positions including: RC, Treasurer, Legislative Officer and Secretary.  Attend November’s meeting(s) if possible and be involved in your region’s future.  Our Annual Christmas Party is scheduled for 12-4-11 at the United Utility Workers Union Hall on the corner of Maple Rd and Center Rd in Burton, Michigan, check out the flyer in this mag.  Call any of your officer’s if you need directions.  Please let us know at our next meeting or by phone if you will be bringing any children.  We need names, boy or girl and age..to make sure Santa has them on the list!!!!!!  Genesee and Shiawassee’s meeting will be combined in December, due to our Christmas Party.  So plan to be at Genesee’s meeting for the month of December…Remember..it’s your Regions’ day to elect officer’s!!!!

Don’t forget to reserve your room for the seminar in January 13-15 2012. 

Well   it’s time to close…As always, if you haven’t attended a meeting lately, please do...we host two meetings a month; one in Shiawassee the 1st Sunday of the month at the Hickory Lounge in Corunna and Genesee the 1st Monday of the month at Kimberly’s Pub.  If you can’t attend due to personal obligations, we understand...we know you are here in spirit…. Check out our website at: http://www.abatemichregion20.com

Be Safe,


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