ABATE of Michigan Region 20

December 2011 News Letter


December 2011 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

Wow, where did the time go??  Glad to be back doing the newsletter again, it is Aileen/Sassy!  A wonderful thanks to Georgia Wilson for doing such a wonderful job on the newsletter (as usual) for this past year, I learn from the best.  Anyway, hello to all Region 20, friends, family and fellow ABATE Members!  We had 2 new members: Larry Flood and Pete Perez!!  “Thanks for giving a shit to all new members!!” 

Members of the month for Genesee County was Margaret (50/50).  Members of the month for Shiawasee County was Rebecca Herrington (Becka).  Drumroll please, prrprprprprprprpr or however you can spell it, ha ha, the winner of Member of the Year is:  Robin (Bubbles)—GREAT JOB for pulling us out of a mess without any hesitation!!  We are proud to have you in our Region. 

Secretary and Treasurer Reports were read and accepted.  However there was an election for treasurer this year between Debbie and Robin (Bubbles).  Monies will distributed appropriately to PAC, etc.  The votes were being cast at the meeting and later in the report, we will tell you the WINNER!!!  Both Gals gave a heck of a good campaign!!

Oh, shall we mention, Robin lost a bet with Randy and had to wear MICHIGAN Blue and Gold colors during the meeting.  The kicker, she had to dance when Randy turned on their song!!  Woo Hoo, go Robin, go Robin. 

Event’s Coordinator/Media Report:  Aileen (Sassy), as a Region will be looking into getting our fliers and information out in to different areas at more events this year.  The most economical way to do this is by partnering with other organizations and splitting costs of booths.  We are looking at Spring coverage for sure!!  If anyone is interested at helping out just let me know, contact info at the end. 

Mike’s (Kritter) Awareness report for December was wonderful as always!!  Since he has lost Eric and JoMamma has stepped up, the team has adjusted and are working hard!!  Lots of classes left for December.  As for a our goal, I am sure the team can get it done!!!  We are in DESPERATE NEED for more instructors.  Please if anyone can assist or if you have any Safety Awareness inquiries call Mike (Kritter) 810-423-8711 or email him at: kritterreg20@yahoo.com.

Chief Road Captain, Larry (Guard Dog) Scott, no report at this meeting. Contact Larry at 810-275-3602.

Chief Area Coordinator for Genesee County, no report at this meeting.

As for the LO Report, Bus was not available, but Marte (Head Freedom Fighter) was there with another terrific report.  Make sure to check out PAGE 7 or December’s MI Rider Magazine!!  Contact Senators: Gleason, Hune, or Robinson regarding the Helmet Bill.  Paul Scott got recalled.  A local didn’t vote in our favor.  Let’s pound on all legislators about having freedom of choice for helmets!!!!  And as Marte would say:  “Let’s work on it Fellow Freedom Fighters!!!”  Legislative Officer for Genesee County is Marte and Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County is Mark-Bus (517-455-1611), bergermark48@yahoo.com.

As for cares and concerns from Amanda:  Happy Birthday and Anniversary to everyone for December!!!!  We currently have a handful of people who we are going to keep in our thoughts this month:  Rich, Lisa, Bus, Bubbles and definitely Zipper (give Zip a shout). So let’s give them support!!! Get well soon. 

As for products, Audrey says it is the holiday times and there are new products for the gals with new designs for check them out (sexy)!!!  Remember you can always place an order for items you don’t see!!  B4B shirts $5, going fast!!!

RC: Report, over to you Randy……………..Randy is looking to send out care packages, targeting February for close friends and family members from our Region 20 Family who are currently stationed oversees in the military.  Please let Randy or myself know that person’s name and address where we can ship the package.  The recipients, foot powder, jerky, razors, writing materials for letters, gum, hard candy, etc.

We had our Christmas Party the first Saturday in December for the Region.  This didn’t work out well, since I made the mistake earlier in the year saying it was on Saturday, when it should have been on Sunday, however, it turned out on Saturday anyway, YIKES!!!!  Overall, with all the confusion we had a FULL house!!!  Lots of people made time to sneak in and out as they could.  And Let me tell you, all the kids must have been GOOD boys and girls, since Santa was there for such a long time!!!  Mrs. Claus was there are well and read a wonderful story!!!!  Oh, how I enjoyed it, so I guess the kids did too, LOL.  Thanks to everyone who brought decorations, brought dishes to pass, helped Santa with the Presents and cleaned up!!!  GREAT JOB everyone!!! And since Santa didn’t get cookies at the party, hope you don’t forget to set them out for him on the 24th!!  He He.  

Here comes January which translates to ---SEMINAR!!! Yee Haw!!!  I tell yah, I love Seminar with all the free classes, all you can learn and new people to meet (networking).  There will be  ABATE people from other regions there and what a great time.  We will have great music and a great breakfast on Saturday morning.  We will not do hot dogs on Friday, so make sure to eat prior to coming or order in.  The Seminar will ONLY cost you the price of a room and a lunch/dinner ticket (if you want to do that), hope you got your order in for a ticket.  And Remember you can always split rooms with 2-4 people to reduce costs!!!  How cozy, woo hoo!!!  WE WILL be participating in the theme evening on Saturday, so if you have any questions, contact myself, Randy or Robin for more info if you are not sure what is going on!!!  A HINT:  Top Secret!!!  LOL!  The Hospitality Room (120) is all set, remember if you can’t drive home, please CRASH at that room, plus we won’t let you leave, lol. 

Randy received 2009 and 2010 Legislative patches for the banner!!  We will get them sewn on. 

TJ (Pitbull) will be the new Genesee Sargent of Arms, since Booboo is stepping down (Thanks so much Booboo).  Thanks for giving a shit TJ!!  As for the Election Results for Treasurer, it was Robin (Bubbles)-Thanks for giving a shit!!!  GREAT try Debbie and we still would like your ideas, etc.   

50/50 this month was won by Mike and you know, Mike is so great, money came back to Awareness!!!.  Way to go!!!

And Robin, you were a GOOD sport dancing to the MI theme song, only half a dozen times.  LOL!!! 

If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding Region 20, please talk to Randy Wilson at randy6984@aol.com or 810-533-6456.  Visit our website at:  www.abatemichregion20.com.  Webmaster: Stephen.  Contact him at abate.of.michigan.region20@gmail.com.  Or myself:  Aileen (Sassy) at 810-919-5078 or aileen.m.england@juno.com. 

Have a VERY safe and VERY happy Holiday Season!!! 

Sassy’s Second!!  This is the holiday season, please remember to thank a Military Person and be kind to others, even if they are not kind to you.  Maybe that will help start a new trend!!