ABATE of Michigan Region 20

2012 January News Letter


January 2012 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

Anyway, hello to all Region 20, friends, family and fellow ABATE Members! Also, a hello to all new friends we made at seminar!  We had 1 new member at this meeting: Robert Strubel.  “Thanks for giving a shit!!” 

Members of the month for Genesee County was Mr. and Mrs. Claus for taking time out of their busy toy making schedule to come to our party.  Members of the month for Shiawasee County was Randy Wilson, he wanted to step down, but we wouldn't let him. Thanks to the both of you for a job WELL DONE!! 

No Treasurer Report since Robin (Bubbles) is starting off the new year with a bang.  She is up and around a bit and raring to go!  However, Randy talked a bit about monies Region 20 raised for ABATE of Mi.

Secretary Report was read and accepted. 

Event’s Coordinator/Media Report:  Aileen (Sassy), we are set to be at Novi International Motorcycle Show, Mt. Clemens Swap Meet at Gibralter, Thunder on the Grand in Hastings and maybe more!!  The Axemen will be advertising with us. 

Mike’s (Kritter) Awareness report for January, no students taught so far, as our meeting was on Jan. 2nd, LOL.  Classes are scheduled.  Oh, yah, the Awareness Team broke their record again for number of students!!!!!!!!!  Phenomenal Job Team!!  Mike's team is in DESPERATE NEED for more instructors.  Please if anyone can assist or if you have any Safety Awareness inquiries please contact Mike (Kritter).  You couldn't ask for two better Awareness people to train from.

Chief Road Captain, Larry (Guard Dog) Scott, no report at this meeting.

Chief Area Coordinator for Genesee County, no report at this meeting.

The LO Report from Marte, it is down time for the government right now. However please read the Rider and start contacting congress in Washington regarding our right to choose-the helmet bill. Let's write letters, send emails, make phone calls, etc.  As Marte would say:  “Fellow Freedom Fighters let's work on it!!”  Legislative Officer for Genesee County is Marte and Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County is Mark (The Bus) Berger. 

Amanda with cares and concerns:  Happy Birthday and Anniversary to everyone for January!!  Wish Bubbles to feel better quickly and Stephen's Mom to recover from surgery. 

Audrey and Cupcake's Product Corner:  If you don't see what you want, please place an order for items you don’t see!!  B4B shirts ONLY $5, so get them while they last.  New Hoodies,  Towels and other items. 

Randy's RC  Report:  Remember to bring things (foot powder, jerky, razors, writing materials for letters, gum, flavored powder to add to bottled water, hard candy, etc. ) to February's meetings as Randy is looking to send out care packages oversees to close friends and family members from our Region 20 Family who in the military.  Remember we need names and addresses where we can ship the packages. 

GREAT NEWS!  Durand Fire Department received their camera.  We will be looking at a few different possibilities for departments for 2012. 

Guys Shopping Night Out was a great success.  As one guy was lost before the trip, enough chaos was caused by the guys that did go!!  The photo booth in the mall, if only it could talk.  It was how many Region 20 members can stuff themselves in the booth and still be in the picture time.  My question is, where are the pictures!!??

SEMINAR!!!  Wow!!  Once again a great time.  Hope everyone got to meet new people from other regions!!  How many classes did you get a chance to take?  Voting was on Sunday and can't wait to see the results.  Saturday night were the themes, I tell you, ABATE of MI rocks!!!  Good job to all the regions.  More specifics in the next Rider, like who won the fleece quilt done by Bubbles and the painting done by Booboo.   

50/50 this month was won by Mac!  Way to go!! 

If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding Region 20, please talk to Randy Wilson.  Visit our website at:  www.abatemichregion20.com. Or see us on www.Facebook.com (ABATE of Michigan Region 20) for more information or contact info.

Sassy’s Second!!  A New Year is once again upon us.  I am wishing everyone a happy, health, fun and extremely peaceful 2012!! 

Be Safe!