ABATE of Michigan Region 20

2012 February News Letter


February 2012 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

Hello to all Region 20, friends, family and fellow ABATE Members!  We had 1 new member at this meeting: Alex Hackman.  Alex's wife is a new member, too, hope to see her soon.  “Thanks for giving a shit!!” 

Members of the month for Shiawasee County was Margaret (50/50) for burning through a pair of shoes selling tickets for the Region 20 quilts at seminar. Members of the month for Genesee County was me-Sassy, Aileen M. England, however, not sure why, he he.  Good Job Margaret, you Rock!! 

Well, thank goodness, Robin (Bubbles) is back and received an award from for having reports in on time, etc.  We couldn't ask for better then that!  Robin gave an in depth financial report and it was accepted.

Secretary Report was read and accepted.  

Awareness is moving right along!  54 students taught in January.  It seems the class sizes are down but the number of classes are not.  Mike has his “part timer”: Eric, back for some assistance for a couple of months.  We had a donation from Lorenda and the “Jean's Day” they do at work—Thanks So Much for the Support!  We are really close to paying for the billboard, two months before the party!  There was a motion made at Shiawasee for Region 20 to be an ABATE Awareness Supportor.  It was voted on and passed at both meetings.  Mike's team still has a REAL NEED for more instructors.  If anyone can assist or if you have any Safety Awareness inquiries please contact Mike (Kritter). 

Chief Road Captain and Chief Area Coordinator for Genesee County, no report.

Marte,  Legislative Officer for Genesee County was not present at the meeting but sent a report.   Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County is Mark (The Bus) Berger. Please check calendars for Legislative days:  2/8; 2/21 Pizza/Pop; 3/14; 4/18;5/16.  Legislative Days at the capital-meet on the 4th floor between 9-9:15am and Pizza/Pop Days-room 252, from 11:30-1.  June 6 is the Freedom Rally.  Please contact Marte (she can hold 6 people in her van) or Mark (Bus) if you want to go together to any of the legislative events.  Capital Coney Island in Flint or Burger King in Perry are the pickup locations.  If you haven't been to Pizza and Pop Day, it is an opportunity to meet with house, senators and staff on a casual basis.  State Counties were re-districted recently, so please check to see what your district is.  We are getting close to freedom to wear our helmets, but there is no guarantee!  So, email, call and write the Govenor and Senators (info in Dec. Rider).  There is a form letter on Facebook (in the notes section) for you to use.  All you have to do is print, sign and send, since it is already written and include reasons for signing the bill. If the bill passes:  you must show you've be endorsed over 2 years or have passed a rider's safety course; proof of insurance, including a declaration sheet showing the extra 20,000 coverage; and passenger will need proof of extra coverage as well.  Bus encouraged everyone to join MRF or AMA (both are involved in possible federal helmet laws).  Bus also encouraged all to read the Helmet Law article in Thunder Roads, which mentions ABATE.  The bill is in Senate, since the House re-amended it for the 20,000 PIP and it had to go back to Senate.  The Feds are trying to push for a Mandatory Helmet Law nationwide, it is against the constitution for the Feds to override a state or its people, per Amendment 10.  The Feds are giving money to states that have motorcycle only checkpoints, also against the Constitution, Amendment 4.  Let's Go, Freedom Fighters!!!   Bus has info. if anyone wants to do the accident bystander classes. If anyone wants to be a precinct delegate Bus has forms, they are due May 15th. A law has passed that drivers of commercial vehicles or with a CDL cannot be on cell phones. There was a motion made in Shiawasee to join in Legislative Support, it was voted on and passed at both meetings.

Cares and concerns for Genesee and Shiawassee:  Happy Birthday and Anniversary to everyone for February!!  Let's keep Stephen, Deb and Liz and their families in our prayers.  Deb Hart and Amanda are always looking for B-days and Anniversaries to celebrate.

Audrey and Cupcake's Product Corner:  If you don't see it, order it, please!  B4B shirts ONLY $5.  There is a lot of cool new stuff out, that was shown at seminar.  Let's buy out the current inventory to get in new inventory:  Valentine's day, birthdays, spring gifts, St. Patty's Day, etc.  Wes, Audrey and Bus went to Fall Freedom Ralley and had picture taken with a representative and will send a thank you note, as that rep. was a yes vote. 

Event’s Coordinator/Media Report:  Aileen (Sassy), went to Hastings at Thunder on the Grand on Feb. 4, printed fliers at home and took them.  Thanks to everyone who assisted with short notice at the Bike Show.   March Swap Meet will be coordinated by Sassy.

Randy's RC  Report:  Elmer Drake who is an ABATE member and fighting for our country overseas contacted Randy.  Our region/Randy is picking up his membership for the year.  Randy will be sending him and his troop the signed veteran cutout and a copy of the book of veterans from Seminar!!  Randy is getting ready to send out the care package to Elmer and his troop.  If you have anything before the end of February, please get it to Mike Poage or Randy Wilson.  We will send a few do-rags, pins, B4B shirts and the little pink thong over to his troop as well. Thanks Elmer, Very Much!

The Shiawasee meetings have had low attendance over the past years during the winter months, we have changed the meeting dates to address this; During the months of October-April we will have Sunday meetings every other month starting with February 2012, skipping March and will continue to have regular meetings through May-September. We are moving the Sunday meetings back to the first Sunday following Genesee meeting (First Monday of the month).   

There will be an ABATE of Mi board meeting on February 18, anyone interested can attend.  Robin made a quilt for the Awareness Party, I want the first ticket.  Bikin' for Burns committee meetings are starting.  Booboo got a picture and a letter from the Phil Comer who rode hand's free! How cool to be involved in that, good going Booboo!  Don't forget the Axemen Run on May 19.  Bus will be handling the motorcycle raffle tickets this year as well as running for RC next year. 

What can we say about SEMINAR??  What happens at Seminar, stays at Seminar!  Another great turn out.  Booboo had his awesome painting in the live auction!! Butch made a great Vanna.  The judges for the theme night had a hard time again to choose a winner.  You would think Seminar is a Circus with all the characters running around. If anyone had a great weekend, it would have been Mike (Kritter), from a vehicle on fire to a dislocated hip, woo hoo!!!  A great big thanks to Robin (with her shoulder surgery) for purchasing and cooking breakfast with her assistants and to Liz for cleaning up both nights!!!  Thanks to Robin (Bubbles) and Margaret (50/50) for the quilts.  Thanks to everyone who dressed up and helped with out theme!!  God Bless our Veterans and our current active military!!!

50/50 this month was won by Lumpy at Genesee and donated some back and won by Robin at Shiawasee!  Way to go!!  27 attendees at Genesee and 20 at Shiawasee.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding Region 20, please talk to Randy Wilson.  Or see us on www.Facebook.com (ABATE of Michigan Region 20) or www.abatemichregion20.com for more information or contact info.

Sassy’s Second!!  Life is short, let's all enjoy the ride, together!!  Thanks Becca for a great report!

Be Safe!