ABATE of Michigan Region 20

March 2012 News Letter


March 2012 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

Hello to all friends, family and fellow ABATE Members!  We had 2 guests at the March meeting: Jon Boza and Tiffany Darnell.  To the guests:  “Thanks for giving a shit!!” 

Members of the month for Shiawasee County was Lorenda Edwards for her taking charge of Jean's Day donations.  Member of the month for Genesee County was TJ (Pitbull) for stepping up into the Sargent of Arms position and being an Area Coordinator.  Fantastic Job, you two!! 

Treasurer report was given and accepted.  Secretary Report was read and accepted.  

Awareness Report by Mike (Kritter).  Teaching the same amount of classes however numbers of students are not the same as normal.  Looking for Doorprizes and Auction Items for the Awareness Events and if anyone is interested in becoming an instructor, Mike could really use the assistance.  It is easy to be an instructor, just take place as a student for a few classes, then get more and more involved in the classes.  It is EASY, just talk about motorcycles, riding and the class.  Mike and the team are wonderful and do a great job.  If you have any Safety Awareness inquiries, etc., please contact Mike (Kritter).  Don't forget to get your Awareness Party Tickets!

Chief Road Captain and Chief Area Coordinator for Genesee County, no report.  However Tim and Cathy from Fowlerville received their “A.C.” patches.

Marte,  Legislative Officer for Genesee County sent a report.  L.O. for Shiawasee County is Mark (The Bus) Berger.  Watch for Legislative days and the Freedom Rally (June 6).  Please contact Marte or Mark (Bus) if you want to go with them.  The Pizza and Pop Day went very good, there lots of people, most of the representatives were there, and lots of pizza.  We are all encouraged to write to our legislators, Senator, etc., regarding our rights.  There is a form letter Region 20's Facebook (in the notes section) for you to use.  Just print, sign and send. Hopefully the bill will hit the governor’s desk in the next couple of months.  When the bill passes, how will it be enforced?  Please advise, that your motorcycle endorsement CANNOT be traced back on your license, even if you got it 2 days ago or 24 years ago. 

Cares and concerns for Genesee and Shiawassee:  Happy Birthday and Anniversary to everyone for March.  Congratulations are in order to Randy & Georgia's son, he is getting married in September.  Jo-mama said thank you for being looked after to Cupcake and Bus.  Let's keep Liz, Santa John and their families in our prayers!  

Audrey & Cupcake's Product Corner: Still cleaning out old inventory and have Bikin' for Burns Shirts still at the rock bottom price of $5.  If you don't see something you want, order it, please!  Woo Hoo!  Audrey was presented with a “Products” patch. A thank you to Smiley is on its way.

Event’s Coordinator/Media Report:  Aileen (Sassy), the Awareness flier has been cut to a half sheet bright yellow paper with the party and ride on each side.  The Bikin' for Burns flier will be a full sheet on Bright Orange paper.  Hope to have us represented at the Gibralter Show at the end of March.  Awareness information will go out to the media.

The March Swap meet went great at Perani!!!  Thanks to all that participated!  Thanks to our Brandy for passing out fliers as well as Sassy's friend Melissa.  We can use assistance again, please, for the April Swap Meet, that will be coordinated by Sassy, the event is on Facebook. 

Randy's RC  Report:  The package for Elmer Drake who is an ABATE member and currently overseas, will be on its way as soon as Randy gets more items for it.  The package will be rather large, so Elmer can share with his troop. 

Bikin' for Burns:  There is a change in the route for 2012, we cannot go through Davison, but will be going further into Burton.  All the rest of the preparations are going well.  Next B4B meeting is listed on our Facebook Page. 

Field Meet:  A couple can SAVE $20 on pre-registration through the end of May.  The registration will be moved back.  See Randy for more info. 

The Shiawasee meetings, beginning in June, New Meeting Date to the Sunday following the First Monday every month (back to the old way).  Shiawasee, your meeting will be Mother's Day morning at B4B over breakfast, any Region 20 person can attend. 

Misc:  The Axemen has their Fun Run on Saturday, May 19.  Bus will be handling the motorcycle raffle tickets.   Lorenda let us know the Awareness Hall is for sale.  Robin has made another blanket and tickets are for sale.  Margaret (50/50) is looking for ANY T-shirts of bike events, B4B, etc., for the Awareness Party, A.S.A.P., please!!  The Bowling Event with the Iron Wheels was a rolling success!!  We had two teams and a very fun time on Saturday, March 10! 

50/50 this month was won by Wes at Genesee and he donated it back to the PAC!  Way to go!!  37 attendees at this combined meeting.  March's Meeting will be combined at Genesee and Happy Easter to all!

If you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding Region 20, please contact Randy Wilson.  You can see us on www.Facebook.com (ABATE of Michigan Region 20) or www.abatemichregion20.com for more information or contact info.

Sassy’s Second!!  A wise person once said, an individual that throws mud, loses a lot of ground, and we need to keep that ground solid!

Be Safe!