ABATE of Michigan Region 20

April 2012 News Letter


April 2012 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

Happy Spring to all friends, family and ABATE Members!  We had 2 new members for April:  Aaron Clingingsmith (AN EAGLE SCOUT—Way to go) and Crystal Burton.  As we always say:  “Thanks for giving a shit!!” 

Guess What:  Treasurer and Secretary Reports were given and accepted.     

Time for the Awareness Report by Mike (Kritter).  The Awareness Team is doing their thing, taught classes in April and have them lined up!!!  Please make sure to attend Awareness Events on April 14th and 28th.  Mike met with Rick from the Hall and explained to them about the Awareness Program and invited them to come mingle with our region this month. 

If you are interested in becoming an instructor and don't feel you can do it, WRONG, sure you can, it is EASY!  Please get in touch with Mike.   Also, if you have any inquiries about Safety Awareness, etc., please contact Mike (Kritter).

There were no reports  from the Chief Road Captain or the Chief Area Coordinators for April.

L.O. for Shiawasee County is Mark (The Bus) Berger.  Marte, Legislative Officer for Genesee County was live in person at this meeting-Woo Hoo!!  Fellow Freedom Fighters, Hey, ABATE members – that's us!!!  The hot topic is SB-291, the Helmet Bill.  The bill made it to the Governor's desk, so let's give a great big thank you to our Senators.  AND hopefully by the time you are reading this newsletter,  we will be thanking our house representatives for passing the bill and allowing us our freedom of Choice!!!

Cares and concerns for Genesee and Shiawassee:  Happy Birthday and Anniversary to everyone for April.  Deb Hurd's Mom is doing better!!!  Liz's Mom is still hanging in there.  Also, please keep Robin in your prayers, as she is having minor surgery and Edwin Green who was hit on his motorcycle.  

Audrey & Cupcake's Product Corner:  Looking to clean out the old inventory and make room the NEW items, so let's get shopping.  Robin was sporting a new hoodie with angel wings on the back – sharp for the Gals.  Guys, we have some cool items for you, too. Don't forget orders can be taken.

Event’s Coordinator/Media Report:  Aileen (Sassy),  printed off as many half page fliers as she could and got them passed out at the Flint and Birch Run Giant Swap Meets.  Thank you to all of our Region 20 members that assisted with the Swap Meets.   The Awareness and Bikin' for Burns fliers have been distributed.  Media has been setup with radio, TV and even the papers.

Randy's RC  Report:  Randy's RC Report: Gary (Weeno) was the first Axemen in the country to receive a LIFETIME membership in the Axemen!!! What an accomplishment Gary!!! Congratulations!! Mark (Bus) is handling the Raffle Tickets, so when you sell some, get the money to him as soon as you can, to keep the money going in for paying off the motorcycle. Let's all sell tickets. A motion was made by Gary to get food for the Awareness Party, the motion was seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

Elmer Drake received the package that was sent to him overseas.  Elmer shared some of the contents with his troop.  The magazines were a big hit and thanks to all Region 20 members who contributed to the package.  And let me tell you, remember those photo booth pictures from the Guys Shopping Night in December, well, they probably aren't as disturbing as compared to the pictures that we received from the guys overseas having fun with one particular item that was in the package.  Let's just say, maybe a bikini wax is in order for a guy or two??? LOL.  Glad they had fun and thanks again for serving our country guys!!!   LOL. Glad they had fun and thanks again for serving our country guys!!! Ironically enough another member of Elmer's troop lives in Cheasaning and wants to be a Region 20 member. Josh Demske, we have paid a membership for you to be an ABATE Member as well!!!

Bikin' for Burns: Fire Departments: Gaines and Forest Township will benefit from this year's B4B. Note the change in route, we cannot go through Davison and will go further into Burton. We had to pay more for security. Vendors, port a potties, resolutions are all in place. Parade permit going in, and the best part, from 11pm-1am will be Region 20's time to enjoy the event, as there will be a band. Security note from Stephen, Sargent of Arms, wanted to let all know that he is the last one up and last to go to bed. It is a long day and he would like as many volunteers for security at the event as possible. It is not much to ask to donate two 2-hour shifts through the event to help out, please sign up for security, registration or ticket sales. Speaking of Sales, Vinnie and Debbie are working at corporate donations as well as taking on LOGOS!!! Thanks, Dynamic Duo!!!

The topic of a printer came up for our Region Secretary and a motion was made to purchase one for her. After discussion and her input, the motion was denied. Thanks to Missy and Audrey for their donation of a used printer, they were not using!!! Woo Hoo.

Has anyone seen a pair of size 13 woman's shoes?? Well, Stump will on April 20th!!! Stump will be sporting his ABATE vest and a pair of woman's heels to “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”!!! Good going Stump, just don't trip!!

Don't forget the Axemen has their Fun Run on Saturday, May 19. So, pass the word.

50/50 this month was won by TC and he donated some of it back!!  Thanks TC!  30 attendees at this combined meeting.  May's Meetings:  Genesee will be on Monday, May 7 and Shiawasee's will be over breakfast at Bikin' for Burns on Sunday, May 13.

Any comments, questions or concerns regarding Region 20, please contact Randy Wilson.  Please visit us on www.Facebook.com (ABATE of Michigan Region 20) or www.abatemichregion20.com for more information or contact info.

Sassy’s Second!!  Just because we may get the Freedom to decide to wear helmets or not, please remember we still need to use our heads and ride safe.  (Thanks to Booboo who mentioned this).

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month!