ABATE of Michigan Region 20

May 2012 News Letter


May 2012 Newsletter - ABATE Region 20

Genesee and Shiawasee Counties.  RC: Randy Wilson

Celebration time is here, Freedom of Choice!  Hello all friends, family and ABATE Members!  We had a lot of new members and guests at this month's meeting: Richard Pollick, Amy Larson, Justin Bryan, Andrew Hath-Region 14,  Theresa Colvert, Mark and Lisa Briggs, Jeremy Longworthy and Brian Finks!  As we say to newcomers: “Thanks for giving a shit!!” 

Treasurer and Secretary Reports were read and accepted.     

Awareness Report Time:  The Awareness Party was a great success, so a HUGE thank you to all that attended and/or donated time, money, etc., to pay for the Awareness Billboard.  If you didn't make it, you missed a heck of a WATER BALLOON game.  Could there have been some shrinkage involved??  The Awareness Ride didn't have a lot of bikes, due to a rain scare (hmmm, wonder who didn't make it, Randy................), but again, bikers made themselves known, and that is the purpose!!!  Mike said the numbers of people taught about awareness are rising, but a bit shy of what we had last year at this time.  Now that our freedom of choice with the helmet law has been passed, Motorcycle AWARENESS is more important now more then EVER!!!!  Once again, reminding everyone, Mike could use more instructors for his time, contact him, if interested, please.

Legislative Officer for Shiawasee County-Mark (The Bus) Berger.  L.O. for Genesee County-Marte.  Freedom Fighters, we are finally FREE!!!  Don't forget Legislative Days, and to get a hold of your L.O. for more information or to tag along on a ride to the Capital.  Yes, there will still be a “Freedom Rally” on June 6 at the Capital, however, it will be more like a celebration with a victory lap around the building.  Please continue to talk to the people running for political positions.  Just a reminder, we got a freedom back, now we need to continue fighting to keep it. 

Cares and Concerns for Region 20:  Happy Anniversary and Birthday to all for May! Let's keep Lumpy's Dad,  Liz's Mom, Eric, Shriner Bob's wife all in our prayers!!!  Rich's surgery & Deb Hurd's mom is doing well!! 

Audrey & Cupcake's Product Corner: New Stuff waiting to come in, but we have to liquidate what we currently have in stock. 

Randy's RC  Report:  12th Annual Bikin For Burns, what can be said??  Another wonderful time with wonderful people!!  Thanks to all that attended and assisted!!  Gaines and Forest Township Fire Departments thank you all as well!!!  Great job on Logos, Dynamic Duo!  H.I.M. Deserves a thank you as well, since we really appreciate their assistance with parking at the end of the ride!  Since this has been one heck of a year on setting up this event, a great big thank you to Georgia Wilson, Randy Wilson, Region 20 and a special Chief of Police!!!! 

Hope you made it to the Axemen Fun Run!!!  And what fun it was!

It is almost Field Meet time!!!  Hopefully you saved money by pre-registering.  A big thank you to Dave Pratt for all of his help! 

Not a lot of open discussion this month.  Except for all you Veterans out there, Shriner Bob brought in a very cool cane that you can get ordered, makes a nice gift, too.  See Facebook/Region 20's website for more info.

50/50 this month was won by Amy Larson and some of it was donated back!!  You Rock!  For this combined meeting we had 41 attendees. 

Please contact Randy Wilson for any questions, concerns, etc. in regards to Region 20. Make sure to check us out on www.Facebook.com (ABATE of Michigan Region 20) and www.abatemichregion20.com for more contact info.

Sassy’s Second!!  Remember getting a bee in your helmet, bet those bees are celebrating now, not only that, but your vocabulary is a bit clearer, too!!!